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Born in a dark corner of Elmwood work house, Willow spends the first sixteen years of her life, beneath a shroud of malevolence and murder. When she is finally allowed to leave, the vulnerable girl finds further threats and uncertainty within the narrow, filthy streets of London.

Danger, mystery and intrigue continue to haunt the girl as one by one; her new group of friends are murdered to avenge a sickening crime.

Will she escape the danger so close to her and will she ever be able to leave the shadows of Elmwood workhouse behind her?

This rich and characterful book is sure to appeal to any adult with an interest in victoriana, murder mystery, crime and suspense.


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Glamorous Ruth King phones the police six weeks after the first weekend of evacuations had taken place in September 1939. She claims she left her daughter, Lillian with an evacuation officer on platform 7 at Charing Cross but no record of the child is ever found. The evacuation officer on duty that day claims she doesn’t know anything about Lillian and has never met Ruth. Meanwhile, the child’s mother is still sticking to her story.

Recently retired MI5 agent, now Inspector Miles is sent to investigate. Will, Lillian King be found? Is her mother to be believed or did she have something to do with her own daughters’ disappearance?

Go back in time with the characters and re-trace Lillian King’s steps to find out what happened. This book is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in wwll, the home front, crime and suspense.


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Evil doings and miss- deeds come back to haunt the six men that board the small fishing boat A Royal Fortune in the 1700's. As they battle the elements of the North sea to bring in their hauls, they try desperately not to give into their fears of the past. Fears that hang over their little boat, threatening to send their minds overboard, towards danger and murderous intentions.


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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

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